To replace your broken mailbox flag

Who we are

We are ordinary people, passionate about solving ordinary problems. We created this no-tools-required solution after attempting and failing to install our own replacement mailbox-flag. Trust us when we say, screwing in the bolts is a lot harder than it looks. We created PostFlag for those of you who do not have the ability or skills to use tools. Our products use magnets and Very-High-Bond tape to stick to your mailbox. Every PostFlag product comes with a lifetime guarantee!

What we do

We spent 9 months engineering the world's first peel & stick replacement mailbox flag to help people with zero tools fix their mailbox. Thanks to this new solution by PostFlag, anyone can solve their mailbox problems with ease. For our magnetic flags we invested in the best outdoor rated PVC materials available in the world. No matter which PostFlag product you choose you can order with confidence! Please note the magnetic flags are only for metal mailboxes.

Why we do it

Due to USA postal regulations, you must have a post flag in order for the mail left in your mailbox to be picked up & sent out. There are thousands of people who cannot send their mail because they do not have a working post flag. When we realized this, we knew we had to do something to solve the problem! After 5 years of happy customer feedback & design requests we created a full suite of magnetic and peel/stick replacement mailbox flag options.

What are you waiting for? Order Your PostFlag Today!!

For best results, the surface of your mailbox needs to be wiped clean before tape is applied. Device has been tested to work in the freezing cold temperatures of Tacoma Washington as well as the rainy and humid conditions of Tampa, Florida. We have not yet discovered any climate the PostFlag does not work. Buy with confidence!

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